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What is Child's Play?

Child's Play is a program for pre-school aged children 1-5yrs where their natural energy and enthusiasm can be channeled into meaningful experiences. It is a structured educational program involving movement gymnastics and skilled based activities. Parents/carers are given the unique opportunity to support and guide their child in developing good physical and social skills while becoming aware of their child's personal needs. Child's Play has been operating successfully for the past 20yrs.


What is Kid's Play?

Kid's Play is an extension of the Child's Play Program developed after it was apparent that school age children were beginning their team sports at a very early age with no real skill acquisition. The Education Department only begins competitive sport in Year 3 ( 8/9yrs) however many parents believe their children should play competitive team sports at an early age. We must give our children the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to compete and enjoy their chosen sport. Leigh began the Kid's Play program in 2002 combining gross motor skills with movement and gymnastics. Balance hand-eye & foot co-ordination, body awareness and physical fitness are the focus areas of the program. Children are given the opportunity to learn all types of skills involved in Football, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Athletics and Gymnastics while improving their general fitness level and increasing their self esteem. If children are given worthwhile experiences at this important age they will remain active and healthy throughout their life.

Joy with Kids


Joy Habler developed the program after seeing the problems children were having in infants and primary school with large body movements and the general lack of physical skill. These same children were also experiencing academic and behavioral problems and very low self esteem. The most important thing a parent can do for their child is give them a good start to their school life. Experts agree on the importance of providing rich stimulating motor experiences for young children. Enhancing and expanding the movement vocabulary of a child is just as important as improving word and reading vocabularies. Since movement is the child's first language a variety of experiences is essential for good development. Children are active learners and they need to move to learn and in the process learn to move with skill precision and enjoyment. If they are deprived of a wide variety of movement experiences they run the risk of perceptual and motor impairment. Movement is essential to good development and cannot be left to chance. It is also extremely important for the child to be taught to focus on the task at hand while working in a group after all this is what they have to do when they begin school.