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We have been taking our first son to Child's Play (toddler/preschool program) since he was able to walk and now at 6 years old he attends Kid's Play (school aged program). Given he has some learning difficulties, the Child's Play and Kid's Play programs have been great for him to assist skill development and definition required for general learning (academic and gross/fine motor). For example crossing the midline when playing with a bat, remembering several instructions in correct order, sequencing of activities, balance, movement, coordination, music and dance, the list goes on and on. Attending these programs has made the transition into school easier particularly his confidence in group situations and following of instruction sets. All of these foundations are obviously considered by the expert teaching staff when planning programs and games. In particular there is a genuine interest in the needs of our child with respect to group activities to maximise potential benefits for him. Our second son now also attends Child's Play whose development is also accelerating and benefiting from the programs. He too, enjoys all the fun activities and games. The Child's Play program encourages parents to assist and enjoy the experience with their child as they develop via fun activities. The Kid's Play program encourages the children to be responsible and independent from their parents which is an important aspect of development for school aged children. With both programs there is always lots of jumping, running, throwing, movement, music and most definitely laughter! We are extremely happy with these programs as we have now been involved for over 5 years. The teaching staff are very caring considering each individual's needs while actively encouraging achievement at their own level. We can definitely recommend it.

--Rhonda and Tony Fryer

I have been attending Child's Play & Kid's Play for approximately six years. As a mother of two children, I can't stress enough how wonderful the program is. Not only does it give the children confidence in themselves, it also teaches them so many skills that are needed in everyday life, and especially school life. Both my children started the program at 12 months of age. I am absolutely convinced that because of Joy and Leigh's wonderful positive attitude my children are confident, outgoing. They have also learnt to take turns, balance, and develop ball skills, dance, count, sing and so much more. No where else can you get such a great package in such a caring, positive atmosphere. Another wonderful thing is that it is so affordable. I am always recommending Child's Play & Kid's Play to every mother I see and I have never had anyone ever look back. Thank you to Joy & Leigh for giving my children such wonderful experiences and I look forward to many happy years at Child's Play & Kid's Play.

--Kristi Ross